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the feel-good NFT collection
and coffee table book

Cottonball Cuddles is the feel-good NFT collectible and coffee table book designed with a lot of heart. Literally.

Cuddles can have positive effects on your brain and body. If you want to feel better about yourself, reduce your stress, improve communication, and be happier and healthier, it seems that giving and asking for more Cuddles is a good place to start. Collect as many as possible for the greatest benefits.

The goal of Cottonball Cuddles is to make you smile, kill you with kindness, and raise funds for the design, production and distribution of the Cottonball Cuddles coffee table book.


Designed with a lot of heart and healthy dose of cuteness, a collection of 7777 Cottonball Cuddles will be launched on OpenSea in February. Each will be made unique with different random attributes using an inhouse built generative randomiser. Yes, there will be giveaways.

Creating Cottonball Cuddles
Rommel and Gosia


And here are the Cuddles and Cottonball themselves!

We are a couple of designers running an online design studio (oh yeah, ask about it!). The greatest thing about being a designer is you get to have fun with your creativity all day long. NFTs are exciting to us because of no conceptual limits on the art and contracts – it feels like freedom. So we created the Cottonball Cuddles concept to make you feel as good as we feel about design, so good it hurts.

Sneak peek

presale Mint price: 0.007 ETH


  • Special access to an exclusive discord channel with the bubbly community generating advanced know-how and collabs

  • NFT and coffee table book gifts (randomly distributed to lucky buyers)

  • Surprise gifts (for lucky community members)


Phase 1

Create website, socials, discord and whitelist

Phase 2

Grow the community, treat it well, grow the whitelist

Phase 3

Presale for whitelisters (mint price: 0.007 ETH) and a giveaway to presale buyers and active discord members

Phase 4

Launch of public sale (mint price: 0.01 ETH)

Phase 5

10 NFT gifts, one for every 77th sale

Phase 6

777 sold – design and issue coffee table book

Phase 7

10 gifts of coffee table book, one for every 777th sale

Phase 8

Sellout – random giveaway of 7 more copies of the book (every NFT holder has a chance)

Phase 9

Sales of coffee table book and charity donations

Phase 10

Next cuddly project!

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